How to care for your clothes.

By Rosie Bowden

3 Mar 2021

How to care for your clothes. - Ro&Zo

We are all trying to be more aware of sustainability and make conscious choices every day in how we live our lives that has a positive impact on society and the environment.

At Ro&Zo, we are fully aware that the fashion industry is damaging to the planet, which is why not only are we trying to use more sustainable materials in each collection, but also help you look after your clothes in a more earth friendly way.

1. Only clean your clothes when needed!

Where's the balance between keeping things clean, but not needlessly wearing out your clothes, releasing tons of microfibres and using unnecessary energy and water? 

One handy tip... if your item of clothing is not dirty, instead of slinging it in the washing machine, try hanging it outside or in a steamy bathroom to breathe first.


2. Wash at a lower temperature!

Apart from items of clothing that come into close contact with your skin, such as underwear, bedding and towels, washing at 30 degrees is not only better for the environment but will actually prolong the lifespan of your clothes. Washing at a higher temperature has also been known to fade the colours of your garment.


3. Read the care label

Different materials need different approaches to washing. Wool, for example, should only be washed when absolutely needed, using a special wool detergent on a gentle cycle or hand wash. Also, Viscose needs to be washed at temperatures recommended and then ironed back to shape if directed. 


4. Use eco- laundry powders and detergents

Standard products have been known to contain fossil fuel based substances which can harm the environment as they don't biodegrade. By using specialist laundry products, this can go a long way in making sure your clothes last longer. There is a big selection on the market now of plant based and biodegradable products which also have the benefit of being re fillable! Some of our favourites are ECOVER and METHOD. 


5. Wash inside out

This is always a good idea as it helps to reduce the friction and damage to the fibres. 


6. Store properly

You want your garment to look fab when you wear it, so it is important to store your clothes properly so they keep their shape and quality. Correct storage can really prolong the lifespan of a garment, so we recommend to keep your clothes in a cool and dry place to protect them from heat, sunlight and damp which can all cause damage. It is also important not to overfill your wardrobe, as your clothes need breathing space! This will prevent wrinkling and colour loss from clothes rubbing on each other. Lastly, it pays to hang your clothes on wooden or fabric hangers as this will further protect your garments from becoming misshapen.  


7. Repair/alter & refresh

We are big fans of of repairing and altering garments rather than throwing away. Not only does this help keep garments from landfill but can also give a garment a whole new look by shortening or taking it in if needed. 


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