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How to care for your clothes. - Ro&Zo

How to care for your clothes.

We are all trying to be more aware of sustainability and make conscious choices every day in how we live our lives that has a positive impact on society and the environment. At Ro&Zo, we are fully aware that the fashion industry is damaging to the planet, which is why not only are we trying t...
Meet Ro&Zo - Ro&Zo

Meet Ro&Zo

Our story began in March 2020 during the Co-Vid 19 pandemic. We had both worked together in the past (we have combined 15 years of experience in buying and manufacturing) and had a close friendship outside of work. Whilst we were in the heights of a nation-wide lockdown, we got talking ...
When we created Ro&Zo one of our main driving forces behind the brand was to start offering accessible sustainable pieces to real women. We always found that if we wanted to buy sustainable the prices were either way too high or the styling and fabrics weren't commercial enough. I am going to give you all a bit more in depth detail below about the sustainable fabrics we have used in our first collection and where the fabrics came from.